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    Let's Talk: Celebrating Freedom and Community in Northwest Florida Shuylar Black & Bobby Dewrell


Let’s Talk – with Whitney Cramer (FWB Womens Club)

todayDecember 15, 2023 15

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In the latest episode of “Let’s Talk,” host Schuyler Black sits down with Whitney Cramer of the Fort Walton Beach Women’s Club to discuss their upcoming Denim and Diamonds gala. Celebrating 102 years of community service, the club is excited to host this sparkling western-themed event aimed at raising funds for their charitable programs and scholarships. The highlight of the evening is a $50 drawdown ticket that gives attendees the opportunity to win a whopping $5,000. Proceeds from the event benefit local elementary schools in the Okaloosa County School District through their S3 program. The club is open to donations from local businesses, offering tax-deductible benefits for silent auction or raffle items. Tickets for the event are available at until January 10th. Last year saw a turnout of 200 attendees, and this year’s event promises to be equally successful, if not more so.

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    Let’s Talk – with Whitney Cramer (FWB Womens Club) Bobby Dewrell



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Schuyler Black: Well, hello everybody. I’m Skyler Black sitting down with Whitney Kramer of the Fort Walton Beach Women’s Club and the Fort Walton Beach Women’s Club. Whitney has been around for a long time.

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Whitney Cramer: Yeah, we are actually celebrating 102 years old. It’s 1 of the first community clubs in Fort Walton Beach and we do attend to give back locally.

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Schuyler Black: Well, you’ve got an exciting event coming up here after the first of the year. It’s scheduled for Saturday, January 20th, and it’s called Denim and Diamonds. And this is a Fort Walton Beach Women’s Club fundraiser. Tell me a little bit about this event.

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Whitney Cramer: So we will be at the Hilton Garden Inn in Fort Walton Beach and all of the proceeds go to support our charitable programs and scholarships, specifically our S3 program partnering with local elementary schools in Okaloosa County School District. We also will have the opportunity to give a $50 drawdown ticket for your opportunity to win $5,000.

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Schuyler Black: Wow, $5,000. So, tell me a little bit about this scholarship fund. How many scholarships do you typically award or how does that work?

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Whitney Cramer: So we partner with 10 local schools here in the area and we give $500 per year to the guidance counselors with those local elementary schools and then it is distributed from there to our students.

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Schuyler Black: Well so this event is all going towards a great cause. Again, it’s called Denim and Diamonds and it says a country western gala 2024. So What is the theme of the night? What does the night look like for those who attend the event?

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Whitney Cramer: Sparkly, Western, anything.

00:01:51 – 00:01:52
Schuyler Black: Bling, huh?

00:01:52 – 00:01:56
Whitney Cramer: That’s right, bling. Fancy, Western, think like Dolly Parton.

00:01:56 – 00:01:57
Schuyler Black: Rhinestones.

00:01:57 – 00:02:00
Whitney Cramer: Yeah, that’s right. You’re a rhinestone cowgirl. Yeah.

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Schuyler Black: All right. Well, it should be a lot of fun. And this is open to the public, correct?

00:02:05 – 00:02:29
Whitney Cramer: Yes, that’s right. And we are asking for local donations from businesses in the area. You can donate a silent auction item or a raffle item. All of that will be tax-deductible, of course. And then if you guys have any questions, you can always go to where you can buy your drawdown tickets as well as your ticket into the gala.

00:02:29 – 00:02:48
Whitney Cramer: They are 2 separate tickets. We also have a few places locally around town where you can purchase tickets as well. Bobby’s Emporium in Fort Walton Beach at the corner of First Street and Eglin Parkway. The Personalization Market on Eglin Parkway in Chalamar and Stitcher’s Quest here at the Santa Rosa Mall.

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Schuyler Black: All right, well fantastic. It should be a great event. It’s going to a great cause. And folks can buy tickets as well right now in advance at

00:02:58 – 00:03:06
Whitney Cramer: That’s right. They are on sale, the dinner tickets, until January 10th. But you can buy the drawdown tickets until the time of the event.

00:03:06 – 00:03:11
Schuyler Black: Okay. And just a rough guess on how many folks you had attend the event last year.

00:03:11 – 00:03:17
Whitney Cramer: We had 200 people attend last year and we are expecting the same if not more this year.

00:03:17 – 00:03:45
Schuyler Black: That would be fantastic. Well, we’re going to do our very best to continue getting the word out for you as we as we approach the date of January 20th with the Fort Walton Beach Women’s Club event coming up called Denim and Diamonds again at the Hilton Garden Inn on Okaloosa Island. Whitney Kramer with the Fort Walton Beach Women’s Club joining us today right here on Omni Broadcasting and Freedom 94 through. Whitney, thanks for your time and let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help promote the event.

00:03:45 – 00:03:47
Whitney Cramer: Great, thanks so much. I hope to see you all there.




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